Day 8: Cookies

Cookies are one of the best known quick snack products. They are popular examples of ready-to-eat snacks that possess several attractive features including wide consumption, more convenience with long shelf-life and have the ability to serve as nutrient bars. Cookies and other bakery products have now become a beloved food product for every age-group, because they are easy to carry about, tasty to eat, cholesterol-free, containing digestive and dietary principles of vital importance and also are reasonably cheap. 

Generally, the name cookies are used in the USA and biscuits are used in the European countries. The cookie’s  name is derived from the Dutch word koekje, meaning “little cake.” The earliest cookie dates as far back as the 7th century A.D, in Persia, where sugar was first  cultivated. Germans call them ‘Keks’, or ‘Plätzchen’, and Spaniards call them ‘Galletas’. In Italy, there are several forms of cookies, including amaretti and biscotti. The most popular cookie flavor in America is chocolate chip.

They can be made from hard dough, hard sweet dough or soft dough. Cookies are characterized by a formula high in sugar and shortening and low in water. Unlike other baked goods, cookies contain low moisture thus giving them the ability of a longer shelf life. The main ingredients of cookies are wheat flour, fat (margarine) and sugar and water, while other ingredients such as milk, salt, aerating agent, emulsifier, flavor and colour can be included. They can also be enriched or fortified with other ingredients in order to meet specific nutritional or therapeutic needs of consumers.

Cookies can be made with varieties of method. Which are:

  1. Straight Cookie method
  2. Creaming method
  3. Melted butter method 
  4. Icebox method 

All of these methods contribute to the texture and the flavour of the cookies.

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