All Types of Mixer Attachment

Wow mixer attachments come in various interesting shapes.Have you wondered why there are different types of attachment for mixers? Well each of them serves their own purpose. Here we explain to you the types of attachments along with its usage.With just 5 ingredients you can make toast taste a whole lot more interesting!

Hook Attachment

  1. Use to knead any kind Of dough. The design is a bit spirally because it increases the efficiency to pull the bread dough without even tearing it which is important in developing gluten.
  2. Hook attachment are used in making pie crust, cookies and obviously bread.
  3. It can be used to make pie and cookies dough because it can reduce the heat transfer during the mixing process and without incorporate too much air inside.
  4. For example making breton dough and straight cookie dough.

Whisk Attachment

  1. used to incorporate air inside dough.
  2. Suitable in making a light type of dough such as sponge method. Separated sponge method and also whipping frosting.
  3. Breakdown dry ingredient to make it easier to blend with the wet ingredient.
  4. However it is not recommended to make a pie crust by using whisk attachment because too mush air will make the crust become more brittle.

Paddle Attachment

  1. Perfect attachment in making any cookies that are using creaming method and also straight cookie dough method where less air are incorporated inside the dough.
  2. It also the perfect attachment in making pie crust. it because less gluten are develop but also giving a sufficient amount of air that are needed in a pastry.
  3. Good in making cake that are using creaming method.
  4. Moderate effectiveness in making a frosting.

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Know the right attachment to use, so you know which one fits the bill!

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