About lactic butter

This is why LACTIC BUTTER is BETTER! Inoculated with lactic bacteria (totally safe don’t worry), it ferments the butter making it taste richer with distinctive aroma and flavor.

More About Lactic Butter

About Lactic Butter 1

Lactic butter VS Lactic acid – What are they actually? Lactic butter is made up of cultured whipping cream/cream that has been left outside for a while for the lactic bacteria (lactic acid) to be cultured and increase in volume to ferment the butter.

More About Lactic Butter

About Lactic Butter 2

With the presence of the bacteria, it gives a distinctive flavour and aroma to the butter which enhances the depth of the butter and can’t get that with normal butter. For your information, most of the European/UK butter makers, use cultured cream to make their butter and it contains higher fat content as compared to butter from US.

More About Lactic Butter

About Lactic Butter 3

Lactic butter is great for spreads! Talking about being a spread, it is also perfect for sourdough. The acidity from the butter and sourdough will compliment each other! Not to forgot, it’s good for laminated dough too (eg: croissant, danish dough & puff pastry).

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