Desserts You Should Eat Based on Your Current Mood

For every mood we’re in, there’s always some sort of craving that makes their way in and hey, we can’t deny that. It can be hard to control, especially when we live by the motto “Eat your feelings away” but if that’s the only way to live and cope, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. As long as our tummy is happy, we will be.

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But this time, we’ve got the appropriate and best desserts to eat your feelings away for each of your moods you’re feeling everyday, and they’re easy too! So you don’t have to worry much about the complications and just deal with your emotions and EAT! Now, let’s investigate your feelings and start eating them away.

When you’re Happy? Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake cheers you up even more!

When youre Happy Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake cheers you up even more
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Make your day even better with the best cheesecake to ever exist right now, Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake! I can’t deny this, I think I might be a little obsessed with it too because the taste of the Lotus Biscuit is delicious and it definitely fits well with the cheesecake. Imagine it crumbles in your mouth and when you’re taking it out of the fridge to eat, your tongue feels the coldness of the cheesecake and the sweet Biscoff spread. I know you’re drooling already, right? You know what’s even better? You can make your own Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake with our recipe here! Plus, it requires no baking so you don’t have to worry much about needing an oven. All you need is the ingredients and the recipe, and you’re ready to make yourself even happier! Check out our simple, no-bake recipe!

Sad hours? Mug Cakes are there for you.

Sad hours Mug Cakes are there for you.
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Warmth and comfort all in one. We think Mug cakes are the best to comfort you on a gloomy, lonely day. Instead of needing to bake a huge cake, mug cakes are perfect as they’re warm and the appropriate size to heal your sad heart and fill up your tummy. When we’re sad, we don’t think about eating too much but at least when you’re making a mug cake, it helps you feel distracted when you have to measure the ingredients. You can bake various flavours such as your favorite ones like Oreos (!!) to alleviate the sadness. They’re easy, not too complicated and can help in distracting you even just a bit. When you’re so down in the dumps and need something to cheer yourself up with, try out our mug cake recipes. They’re ready to be checked out~

Bored? Cure your boredom with Cookies

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Just like the Cookie Monster, you can eat cookies whenever you want, especially when you’re bored. I don’t know about you but sometimes I can be a bit bored that I need something to chew on. Not that I’m hungry or anything, I think it’s just my mouth and stomach feeling a little lonely and bored. So, what’s the cure to that? CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! (Please do read that part in Cookie Monster’s voice, too iconic not to)

I think you can never be too bored with chocolate chip cookies, who doesn’t love them? They can be crunchy, chewy, soft and full of chocolate, and in different flavors with different nuts. Ah dang, now I’M craving. 

But thank me for being the hero today because here at My Weekend Plan, we have various cookie recipes that we recommend on trying! Whenever you’re bored, bake them yourselves!

Anxious be gone with Ice Cream

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*Cue the iconic Emma Stone eating ice cream with so much emotion*

Yes, I think I can confirm that’s how most of us eat when we’re not feeling too good. Anxiety isn’t a fun emotion to experience, they can be too overwhelming to the point we’re too afraid to move or do anything. That’s why I’m suggesting that when you’re anxious, eating ice cream is the way to go. So, make sure you have a pint or two ready in the fridge so it’s ready to be devoured. Ice cream is surely a comfort food for many. It’s there on a hot day, or when you’re watching a sad movie on a friday night, or when you’ve finished a heavy meal and you just want at least a little bit of dessert to top it off, and from there we can tell it’s just perfect on so many occasions. Ice cream has this smooth, refreshing, cold taste that we think it’s perfect to eat to calm yourself down. When in doubt, ice cream is the answer because as the saying goes ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If you’re suddenly in the mood to make some ice cream for a little distraction, we have various recipes ready for you!

Stressed? Donut worry a thing!

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Just like Homer Simpson said, is there anything they can’t do? Doughnuts or donuts (however you spell them), they are simple desserts to munch on. Plain sugar, glazed, chocolate sprinkles, strawberry filled, you name it. It has so many flavours to satisfy and calm yourself down. When you’re stressed and angry, don’t you feel like stress-eating it away? I think biting on a pastry that’s filled with a delicious, sweet filling or covered with sugar and chocolate helps to alleviate the stress and I don’t know how to explain it, but I think it’s a suitable dessert to eat when you’re angry. Perhaps the biting and munching on a soft donut helps with calming you down. Take a break with donuts, then continue with your life. Remember, we all need a break sometimes.

I think it’s proven that in every mood that we’re in, there’s always a dessert to accompany and heal you. As fun as stress-eating or “Eat your feelings away” sounds, be aware of your intake so you don’t go too overboard. There’s always a different way to cope with your emotions other than eating, so try to learn about them and try out once in a while. But when all things don’t seem to fit, dessert! Take care of yourself, reader.

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