Easy Churros Recipe

Some say that churros are a delicacy. Other times, they just call them a breadstick wannabe. What exactly is a churro? Well, a churro is a thick fried dough fritter that is frequently dipped in chocolate right before eating. It is a beloved Spanish and Mexican deep-fried pastry that resembles a long, thin cruller and is sometimes topped with sugar and cinnamon. Make your own batch of churros with this easy recipe!

Easy Churros

Image credit: Emma's Goodies
Total Time 8 minutes



  • Add milk to a small saucepan and combine it with butter. Allow the butter to melt and wait until it comes to a boil. Then turn off the heat and add in the flour and salt. Mix it until fully combined.
  • Transfer the dough into a bowl and let it cool down for 5 minutes. Using a hand-mixer, combine the eggs one at a time into the mix. Continue mixing until the dough is smooth.
  • Heat up the cooking oil and wait until it is hot enough to fry the batter. Once ready, put the batter into a sturdy piping bag with a star tip.
  • Pipe the churro batter into the pot and cut the churros strips to the length you want. Fry it on both sides for about 1-2 minutes until golden brown.
  • Take them out from the oil and soak up the excess oil with tissue paper. After that, coat them with cinnamon or sugar evenly. Serve them with melted chocolate for extra sweetness.


  • If you don’t have a piping bag, use a ziplock bag and cut out one of the corners to pipe the batter out. 
  • If you don’t own a ziplock bag either, you can roll out the dough with your hands and make a similar shape to a churro.
  • Let the dough rest before adding the egg, you don’t want to cook and scramble the egg into the batter. Keep in mind though the dough will still be really warm so have the mixer ready to go right after you add the egg and mix away.
  • Let the churros drain on paper towels just briefly before you add them to the cinnamon sugar mixture. You don’t want them to be wet and oily and add straight to the sugar or they’ll just clump up the sugar and you’ll get too thick of a coating, but on the other hand you don’t want them to dry completely on the paper towels or the sugar won’t stick very well. 

Recipe credit: Emma’s Goodies

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