French Petit Choux Pastry Recipe

Hi mademoiselle, please delight yourself in the most fashionable French Dessert which is well known around the world – The French Petit Choux It is filled with delish Chantilly Cream and honey between the craquelins.

French Petit Choux

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Sugar Crust

Chantilly Cream



Pate Choux

  • Combine water, butter and sugar and let it boil
    French Petit Choux 1 1
  • Once boil add in flour and stir vigorously
  • Stir the dough until congealed and let it cook for 2 minute.
    French Petit Choux 1
  • Rest the dough until room temperature.
  • Once cooled add the eggs and mix until fully combined
    French Petit Choux 2
  • Pipe it depending on the prefered size
    French Petit Choux 4

Sugar Crust

  • Combine all the ingredient and add any desired colouring.
    French Petit Choux 5
  • Let the dough chill.
  • Once chilled roll it and using round cookie cutter cut the dough the same size as the piped choux.
    French Petit Choux 6
  • Place it in top and bake in 200c oven for 10 minute and lower the heat to 180c and bake it until golden brown.

Chantilly Cream

  • Beat the whipping cream with 70g of the honey.
    French Petit Choux 7
  • Beat until stiff peak and transfer it into a piping bag.
  • Chill it in chiller until it is ready to be used


  • Cut the top of the craquelin and then pipe a little bit of the cream
    French Petit Choux 8
  • After that spoon some of the remaining honey inside the pastry.
  • Top it of with the remaining cream.
    French Petit Choux 12
  • Close it with the cut craquelin.
    French Petit Choux 10
  • Decorate it with some drop of honey and gold flake.
    French Petit Choux 11

You should give this choux pastry a try! We even filled it with Comvita Malaysia Manuka Honey to enhance its taste.

We collaborate with Comvita Malaysia Manuka Honey to create this awesome recipe.

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