Husband Bento Boxes by Wife | 5 Lovely Bento Ideas For 5 Days

Bentos not only look cute, but they convey the message of love and care through food. I mean, you cooking food for someone is already a sign of love, imagine further decorating it and all. It’s a beautiful love language! So if you want to try or need more bento ideas for your lovely husband or even maybe your kids, you can check these out!

1. #Tuesday

Slice the spam.

Fry it.

Make a thin slice of omelet

Start assembling. Mix pickled plum and mayo then put it over the rice. Then add the egg and spam. Use a plastic wrap to make it stay intact.

Time for plating. Place a lettuce under. 

Then add your food. You can remove the plastic wrap and add a seaweed ribbon instead.  

2. #Wednesday

Slice the eggplant then soak in water.

Mix 2 eggs and pulled imitation crab.

Add green onions and other seasoning that you like.

Fry the egg mixture and roll it gently.

Push it to the side and pour in the remaining egg mixture.  

Then roll it again to form a tamagoyaki (rolled omelet).

Stir fry the eggplant. You can add okra too. Season it with ginger, miso, sake and soy sauce.

Slice the tamagoyaki.

Fry some gyoza (fried dumpling).

Time for the plating. Add rice, a slice of lettuce, the tamagoyaki and finally the gyoza.

You can then add the veggies at the side.

3. #Thursday

Wash and prepare the corn. 

To make the sweet corn rice, add soy sauce before cooking the rice.

Place the corn inside and cook it.

Prepare mackerel and green onion in a bowl.

Add crumbled tofu.

Season with egg (or potato starch if you don’t have egg), salt, pepper and soy sauce.

Roll the mixture into round flat thick disks and fry them.

Once the rice is cooked, add butter.

Mix it well then add corn too.

Time for plating. Add the rice, a slice of lettuce and the mackerel tofu disks. You can then add eggs and some veggies. This recipe used broccolis flavored with bonito flakes, sesame oil and soy sauce.

4. #Friday

Boil the corn with salt.

Season the pork with grated ginger, garlic, ramen powder, sake and salt. (feel free to change the ingredients and season as you like)

Stir fry the pork with lettuce

Make a tamagoyaki with egg and green onion mixture.

Mix corn, water, flour, parmesan cheese, seaweed sheets and salt.

Fry it.

Plating time. Add rice, fried corn and the pork. You can also add an imitation crab.

Finally add your tamagoyaki and garnish the rice with sesame seeds.

5. #Saturday

Season chicken with salt and pepper then add the batter.

Dip it in eggs and fry it.

Add soy sauce, vinegar and sugar in equal amounts. Then continue to fry a bit more.

Make tartar sauce: add mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Then mix well.

Time for plating! Add rice, cabbage, chicken and the tartar sauce. Then your choice of veggies. Here asparagus with parmesan cheese was used.

5 bentos for 5 days done!

You can check out the video to see how it is done:

All image rights and credits go to the respective owner.

We hope you found this video helpful and enjoyed it.

If you have any other great bento recipes or any recipe at all, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

You may also get a chance to be featured on our site!

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