IMPORTANT Tips to Remember When Baking No-Bake Cakes / Chilled Cheesecakes

Do you realize that when we try to create new recipes, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned? Even when you have tried to follow the recipe closely. Other than the recipes, the correct techniques and procedures play an important role in ensuring a good cake. Here are some of the tips to consider when we try to bake No-bake Cakes / Chilled Cheesecake:

Read the information sharing and tips from baker Muhammad Ali as a guide;

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Image Credit: Muhammad Ali(Cheesecake Baker)

Tip 1: For Hard cake problems

Problem: Hard Kek Batik

For most Kek Batik, the problem is the toughness of the cake which makes it difficult to cut. But it’s really simple. If you don’t feel confident, just melt the butter first. Once it’s all melted, turn off the stove. Then, you may add other ingredients. 

Especially for beginners, when they turn on the gas stove, they can’t predict the time properly and will add the ingredients slowly while the stove is still on. That’s why sometimes the Kek Batik mixture becomes too thick and then causes the cake to be tough. 

After you have added all the ingredients, then you can turn on the stove again. Make sure that the fire is low and moderate. What causes the egg to be completely cooked until it turns white is because the fire is too strong and the mixing rate is too slow. This is not the way. Once the stove is on, we must mix the ingredients quickly so that the bottom of the sauce mixture won’t be burnt and clumpy. These are some of the tips.

Tip 2 : For Soft batik cake

Kek Batik: Soft texture. Biskut Batik: Crunchy texture. If you want a soft Kek Batik, add the eggs and fresh milk. If you want a crunchy Kek Batik, do not add eggs and fresh milk. It’s that simple.

IMPORTANT-Tips-to-Remember-When-Baking-No-Bake-Cakes- -Chilled-Cheesecakes--x-
Image Credit: Muhammad Ali(Cheesecake Baker)

Tip 3: For Cheese Cakes
For all cakes that use cheese, make sure to bring the cheese out of the fridge earlier. However, this also depends on the weight of the cheese. If the cheese is only 250g like the block cheese, 15 minutes would be perfect as it is not in a large quantity. This helps the cheese to reach room temperature. For cheese over 1kg, make sure to bring them out 30 – 40 minutes earlier. As long as it doesn’t reach 2 hours in room temperature.

Tip 4 : To Soften Cheese Faster

This is probably not known to many. How to get the cheese to soften faster and achieve room temperature? It’s simple. Cut the cheese into tiny cubes. The cheese will soften faster to be beaten. 

What happens when the cheese is beaten right away from the chiller? This will break your mixer, especially the mixer stand. This will also form white spots, where the cheese is not blended well because it was beaten cold. Hence, we must let the cheese get to room temperature so that it will soften well. Once we mix it, the texture will look perfect.

The prettiest cheese textures I’ve ever seen are from Elle vire / Royal Victoria. The texture will be smooth when used as mentioned earlier. 

IMPORTANT-Tips-to-Remember-When-Baking-No-Bake-Cakes- -Chilled-Cheesecakes--x-
Image Credit: Muhammad Ali(Cheesecake Baker)

Tip 5: Storing the Cheese Block

This is how to store the 1-2kg cheese block. Weigh the cheese using a hot knife. Wipe clean and cut the cheese that we want to use. Don’t touch the cheese using our hands although we are sure that our hands are clean. We can’t see the bacteria on our hands. 

We must handle it well. After weighing, take a cling wrap and wrap it tightly. Do not let air in because this will cause bacteria to form. Put it in the box again. 

Tip 6: For Whipping cream

Spoiled whipping cream has a clumpy texture and tastes sour. Do not use this. There is a high risk of food poisoning if we still use whipping cream with these criteria for selling. Whipping cream only lasts for 7 days after opened.

IMPORTANT-Tips-to-Remember-When-Baking-No-Bake-Cakes- -Chilled-Cheesecakes--x-
Image Credit: Muhammad Ali(Cheesecake Baker)

Tip 7: For Ganaches

When we make ganache, ensure it is on low fire. One tip is that I don’t wait until the water boils. I straight away put the whipping cream and butter. After 2-3 minutes, I added the chocolate. Do not stir quickly just because we want the chocolate to melt faster. This will cause the ganache to become bubbly and not smooth. The key is low fire, do not stir quickly, do not add too much butter. Follow my recipe and you will get a shining ganache.

IMPORTANT-Tips-to-Remember-When-Baking-No-Bake-Cakes- -Chilled-Cheesecakes--x-
Image Credit: Muhammad Ali(Cheesecake Baker)

These delicious tips were adapted from Muhammad Ali.

Credit for this tip goes to Muhammad Ali. You can check out his profile here.

If you have any other tips to make delicious no-bake cakes or any other great tips in the kitchen, do share them with us! We would love to hear them!

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