Master Sourdough Bread With These 5 Essential Tools

Sourdough bread baking can be really easy if done with the right tools. Here are some you should definitely have if you want to get started on it and decorating it

1. Sourdough Starter

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The main ingredient, without this you will not be able to distinguish sourdough bread with other breads.

2. Digital Scale


As we all know, baking can never be done right if you do not measure the ingredients well. Digital scales ensure the precision. So it will be wise and definitely necessary to buy one! This will be a great investment and ensure your baking journey is smooth sailing.

3. Clear Straight Measuring Cup 

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Having this will make it easy for you to measure how much the dough has risen. Plus it even has the measurement markings, so you can really tell precisely.

4. Bench Scraper

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These will help you pick up or clean sticky dough bits on the surface. It also helps with portioning and cutting the dough.

5. Razor Blades

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If you want to make those interesting designs, or just a little ‘X’, you are going to definitely need it.

There you have it, 5 essential tools to get you started on baking Sourdough Bread.

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