Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer

Raya is nearing and for those celebrating, you are sure to make some ketupat! It’s a traditional raya dish loved by many!

Normally ketupat can last for about 2-3 days. But sometimes you want to keep those beauties longer right? And how can you do that? It’s actually rather simple!

  1. Add some air kapur sirih (lime stone paste) to the bowl of washed rice grain before packing up your cute little ketupat. This helps to keep the ketupat dry and not humid. Making sure it’s dry, will make it last longer. Since bacteria tend to breed and humid areas.
Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer
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Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer 1
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2. Once you have rinsed your ketupat, make sure to dry it up nicely. Remember the trick is to keep it dry!

Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer 2 1

3. Then finally, keep your ketupat in a plastic bag to avoid it being directly exposed to air. Put this plastic bag with ketupat in the fridge then. This will make your ketupats last up to a week.

Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer 3
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4. When you want to get some to eat, only take as many as you need (don’t be greedy haha) and heat it up by steaming it for about 30 minutes. Then enjoy!

Tips To Make Your Ketupat Last Longer 4
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