Unique Mooncake Flavours

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese around the world. Mooncake bakers and makers have created new flavours and ways to serve the mooncake over time. Mooncakes can now be served frozen or in other ways. Here are our top picks for unique mooncake flavours to share this Mid-Autumn Festival.

1. Pu’er and chrysanthemums

Puer and chrysanthemums

They might be best known as teas, nut they make wonderful mooncake flavours too!

2. Rose petal

Rose petal

The best combination of romance and Chinese tradition.

3. Sausages


Mixed with nuts, they are very popular in China among meat lovers!

4. Grapefruit and lemons

Grapefruit and lemons

Citrus fruits make for very fragrant mooncakes, but too much can make the moocake sour.

5. Crayfish


While some are happy to tryseafood flavored cakes, others find it too fishy or too much of a departure from tradition.

6. Cheese

Cheese mooncake

Cheesecake lovers are sure to adore this variety of mooncake!

Would you dare to try these mooncake flavours?

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