Day 2: Baking Equipment

Once you have already mastered the basic baking tools that you need to know and have in baking, now time to step up your knowledge and try to learn different types of baking equipment.. 

Hand Mixer

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The hand mixer is the most basic kitchen equipment and is affordable. It is versatile in making various cakes and cookies. However, it is not recommended to use a hand mixer for the bread making process because the power levels are not that high. If you still insist on using it, your mixer would be overworked and soon be broken. Typically, hand mixers have 2 different attachments which are a whisk and a spiral attachment and both of them are designed for a very specific process.  

Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are the next level in the mixer category. Typically, a stand mixer comes with 3 attachments which are the paddle attachment, whisk attachment and another one is the hook attachment.  Each of the 3 have its own purpose and should be used in the proper way, to turn your product into the desired preference. Seems very good right? The catch is, the stand mixer is actually a bit pricey. Nevertheless, there are few brands that can offer you a cheap price with basic features. On the other hand, if you do intend on making a lot of homemade products, it is recommended to invest more on this equipment for its extra features. High-end mixers may have for example pasta making attachments, mince meat attachments, and some may even have milling attachments which are good in making your own homemade flour.

Industrial Stand Mixer

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An industrial stand mixer is huge and can support more than 10kg of flour. The attachment part for the mixer is also different from the common stand mixer, where the rotating part is not the attachment itself but it’s the bowl that actually would be rotating, kneading the dough from the bottom. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t worry about the technical parts of it though, this is only for your general knowledge.


The oven is the heart of baking. There are hundreds of ovens out there which might have given you some crippling confusion, making you indecisive on which is best. Do not fret, this is very normal. What you can do is, think about what types of baking goods and how much of it that you want to produce, and you will be able to decide which oven is suitable for you.


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Refrigerator seems really off with baking right? Actually, refrigerators are important in keeping your ingredients in a good condition. For example, you need to keep your whipping cream at a cold temperature or else it wont stiff up, or when you need to set the base for your custard or gelatine base cake. Without a refrigerator all this will be almost impossible for you. 

Air fryer

Well..the air fryer is the most trendy cooking equipment right now due its capability to perform various types of cooking methods, frying, broiling, baking and more. It is true that by using an air fryer the fat content drops a lot. However, this piece of equipment does require a trial and error testing period.


Microwaves are controversial, however it is not as bad as you think. A microwave for me is the third best equipment that you can have. It is really efficient and speeds up your cooking process. With microwaves you do not have to set up a bain marie (water bath) to melt your chocolate and you don’t have to boil water to melt your gelatin.

If you’re new to working with some of these tools, be sure to check out the best tips and tricks as well as essential baking basics for working in the kitchen.

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