Tepung Gomak

WHAT Malaysian style mochi Yes, and they taste so ‘sedap’! They are called Tepung Gomak and are filled with sweet desiccated coconut. They come in cute shaped balls and are coated with toasted mung bean flour. It’s great in taste and nutritious because the coconut has low fat content and rich in fibre since we used the Rasaku Low Fat Desiccated Coconut.

Tepung Gomak






  • Mix all ingredients.
    Tepung Gomak 4
  • Add more water if necessary
    Tepung Gomak 1 1
  • The texture should be like a firm playdough
    Tepung Gomak 2 1


  • In a pot add in all inti ingredient and stir until thicken
    Tepung Gomak 5 1
  • Add cornstarch if necessary
    Tepung Gomak 6 1


  • Flatten the dough and add it.
    Tepung Gomak 7 1
  • Close it make a ball and flatten it
    Tepung Gomak 8 1
  • Prepare a pot of boiling hot water and drop the dough
    Tepung Gomak 9 1
  • Cook until it floats
  • Fish it out and let it cool
    Tepung Gomak 10 1
  • Coat with mung bean flour
    Tepung Gomak 11 1

Try it out to impress your party guests!

We collaborate with Rasaku to create this awesome recipe.

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