12 Christmas Baking Hacks to Save for This Christmas!

2021 is going by too fast nowadays and we’re so close to reaching the gifting season- Christmas! I’m sure some people got so excited when September ended. Some waited for Halloween, and some surely waited for the winter time (well, in certain countries lah for winter) aka the time for eggnog, gingerbread cookies and all things Christmas. We’re ready to prepare you some Christmas baking hacks to ease and make your baking time this Christmas fun! Let’s get it going with the 12 (hehe) Christmas baking hacks! 

1. Create Chocolate Curls

Create Chocolate Curls
Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

There’s no need to go to the nearest store or online just to find chocolate flakes or curls. It’s too easy to make them, even with your favorite chocolate bar! Just grab your potato peeler in the kitchen and start peeling! Perhaps best to have it on your hot chocolate or ice cream!

2. Maintain Cookie Shapes

Maintain Cookie Shapes
Image credit: Unsplash

To ensure the dough slides out better, always dip the cutter first in flour before cutting out your cookies into your desired shapes. This is an absolute guide when it comes to cutting your sugar cookies!

3. Cones = Christmas Trees 

Cones Christmas Trees
Image credit: Pinterest

Even smaller or regular ice cream cones would work the same but the bigger the better, obviously. To make everything stick, coat your cones with some chocolate coating before sprinkling some candies and your choice of toppings on top. These look so good and impressive for your Christmas dinner, will automatically brighten it up.

4. Icing Your Cookies with Ketchup Bottles

Icing Your Cookies with Ketchup Bottles
Image credit: thekitchn

Get yourself some inexpensive condiment bottles and fill up with some icing/frosting. Those pointy tips really help you to ease the way you frost your cookies! Now, no hard times to decorate your Christmas cookies with the children. 

5. Ice Cookies Without a Piping Bag

Ice Cookies Without a Piping Bag
Image credit: Pinterest

Don’t have any piping bags lying around? Wait, before you get disappointed, there is a way to ice your cookies – the DIY way. What you can do is to let a stick to hover over a bowl of your icing. Dip your cookies into the icing and gently wipe the excess on the stick. It’s easier, faster and less messier – no drips everywhere! (Tip by createdbydiane)

6. Turn Strawberries Into Christmas Trees

Turn Strawberries Into Christmas Trees
Image credit: Shared

Similar to the Christmas Tree cones, but this time they’re strawberries! Super fun activity to do especially with the family. Basically, dip your strawberries into chocolate (or green to make tiny christmas trees) and sprinkle some toppings at the end. So cute!

7. Perfectly Drizzle Chocolate

Perfectly Drizzle Chocolate
Image credit: Grateful

Remember the icing using a condiment bottle hack? You can even use it to drizzle chocolate all over and it becomes clean and neat! But, there’s nothing wrong if you wanna keep using a spoon to do some chocolate drizzle. It just becomes a little messy.

8. Decorate Cookie Patterns with Lace

Decorate Cookie Patterns with Lace
Image credit: bake from scratch

Want fancy patterns other than some regular icing and frosting on top? Grab some lace pattern and place it on top of your baked cookies before dusting off with powdered sugar! Super suitable for fancy events and to impress your friends and family.

9. Easy Chocolate Trees

Easy Chocolate Trees
Image credit: allrecipes

You got some extra chocolate sauce lying around? Why save it or throw it away when you make some chocolate trees to eat or to decorate your cake! Yes, easy right? Either you eat this as a snack or have it placed onto your delicious cake.

10. Hot Chocolate stirrers

Hot Chocolate stirrers
Image credit: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Christmas is also known as the time to make tasty hot chocolate and get curled up with your family on the couch, watching a classic Christmas movie. And we all know hot chocolate isn’t complete without the marshmallows! Try this clever hack of sticking your stirrer, stick or straw into a marshmallow, dip the marshmallow into a chocolate dipping if available and stir up your hot chocolate with it. Clever and delicious!

11. Christmas Pancakes

Christmas Pancakes
Image credit: Domestic Fashionista

There’s always families that start off their Christmas morning with some homemade, fluffy pancakes. But they don’t always have to be round. Use the cookie cutter you have and place it on top of your pan before pouring the batter inside. Fluffy Christmas pancakes are definitely the way to go!

12. Graham Crackers Gingerbread House

Graham Crackers Gingerbread House
Image credit: MyRecipes

Oh, you know, the common gingerbread house that’s often obsessed by people during Christmas. Making gingerbread cookies is a little bit of hassle especially with having to prepare various ingredients just to make them. So, how about we try something new! Using graham crackers to make gingerbread house – check out this tutorial!

Hopefully you’re using these tips for good. Let’s make this year’s Christmas fun and easy with the family! Wanna check out more Christmas related articles?

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